Jan 20, 2015

Download OMNUC U-series Computer Monitor Software

There are many useful software which Omron offers for free and one of such software for servo is OMNUC U-series. It is Computer Monitor Software which is used for many useful functions and can be used for Parameter editing, Jog operation and auto tuning, checking the condition of servo drivers, displaying graphs related to speed or torque on a IBM PC/AT or compatible computers. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

This is useful software for many servo drives and as stated above can be used for various operations. The main servo supported by this software are as below.

I. R88D-UA**H/-UA**L (30 to 750 W, analog input)
II. R88D-UP**H/-UP**L (30 to 750 W, pulse-train input)
III. R88D-UA**HA/-UA**LA (30 to 750 W, analog input, upgraded version)
IV. R88D-UP**HA/-UP**LA (30 to 750 W, pulse-train input, upgraded version)
V. R88D-UT**H (1 to 5 kW, combined analog/pulse train input )
VI. R88D-UT**V/-UT**W (30 to 750 W, combined analog/pulse train input, product meets EN standards)
VII. R88D-UEP**H/-UEP**L (100 to 750 W, pulse-train input, UE models)

This is very versatile software and enables communication with up to 14 Servo Drivers using only one computer and also supports absolute encoder (HA/LA) setup.

How to Get OMNUC U-series Computer Monitor Software for FREE

1. You will first need to go to myomron.com.

2. Register yourself, as you will need it to download the OMNUC U-series software.

3. Now go to Download section and then to Products.

4. In product click on Software and then to Umon.

Download OMNUC U-series Computer Monitor Software

5. There you can see the download link of the OMNUC U-series software, its manual and connecting cables diagram.

6. OMNUC U-series is a small program and is only 201.13kB and it is a very old program and I don't think many of you may be using it.

Complete path can be summarized as /downloads/4.Products/Software/Umon/

Note: Do read the installation notes before installing the software on manual.

Do let us know if you already using this software and also let us know how it is useful to you. Please also provide feedback about this software. Do subscribe to our blog for more such free Automation software's.

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