Feb 12, 2013

Delta Released New PLC & HMI Software [2013 Update]

You will be glad to know that recently Delta has released its new PLC and HMI software, which was announced through there blog. As per there announcement many bugs are fixed in the new version of these software's. For DOP-B series HMI's they have released new DOPSoft version 1.01.04 which include many improvement then the previous version. For programmable logic controller a.k.a PLC they have released WPLSoft version 2.33. All the new features and addition in these software are discussed below in our post. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

New Functions and Modification in Delta PLC Software: WPLSoft version 2.33

In the new version of WPLSoft, now you will see that comments are automatically loaded with the change in PLC type. The change affects only the default device comments, and does not affect the user-defined device comments.

This new version also include comment language change with the change in the base language as shown below.

Image source: delta.com

Also in this new version, problem about the compiling of an STL structure is solved and warning window is removed which was added in WPLSoft version 2.31.

The problem that a crash will occur after users undo the editing of an inner ladder diagram in a sequential function chart and error which occur if users do not open the Ladder Diagram Mode window before they edit an inner ladder diagram are solved. And also the problem that some parts of the ladder diagram in a sequential function chart are not compiled correctly is solved.

In this WPLSoft version 2.33 the problem that a communication port can not be specified correctly in the communication Setting window in WPLSoft version 2.31 or above is solved.

In all in this new version many problem which were faced earlier are solved. If you are still using the old version, then we will advice you to use this latest version, which can be downloaded free from Delta Automation site.

New Functions and Modification in Delta HMI Software: DOPSoft version 1.01.04

In this new version of HMI software, Delta has fixed many bugs and also introduced new features. Now in this new version, it allow the PLC default station number in "System Setting" to be 0. And while using the macro commands like Biton, the value of bit variable might keep toggled. This new version also fixes the Embedded Sub-Screen element, when switch between 2 sub-screens, the afterimage of previous sub-screen will be remained.

Some of the new features which are added in this new release are

1. The DOP-B05S111 model is supported.
2. Add "Net PSWD" and "eRemote/eServer Enable" in System Setting. Add Numeric Keypad to input the IP type items such as IP, Mask, Gateway.
3. Add "Separator" selection for the import of "Allen Bradley Ethernet IP (ControlLogix, CompactLogix)(Use Tags)" controller.

Download the latest Version of Delta HMI software

If you are still facing in any issue with these latest PLC and HMI software, then do let us know through your comments and provide the detail about the bug.

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