Oct 13, 2012

Set Password using GX Developer in Mitsubishi PLC

This is our next tutorial which will tell you how to set password in Mitsubishi PLC using GX developer which is PLC software used to program Mitsubishi PLC's. In this tutorial we have used GX developer Version 8 and FX series PLC. Registering your new password in Mitsubishi PLC is a simple process. For some PLC you can also set password using programming instructions. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Steps to Set Password in Mitsubishi PLC

1. Open a new or existing project by clicking on New Project button.

2. Now click on Online and go to Keyword Setup.

3. Now click on Register and enter your 8 digit hexadecimal password like 00AABBCC.

Below is the complete chart to proceed with above steps.

Mitsubishi PLC Password Setting

Now while setting up the password, it will ask to confirm your password so re-enter your password and then you will see a Registration Successful message like below screen.

Keyword/Password Registration Successful

Now to set this password in PLC just write/download your project to PLC. Now every time you upload or download the PLC program/project to the PLC you need to enter the keyword/password which you set.

Note: Keep a note of that hexadecimal password for future reference or in case your forget your password so it will help in retrieval of the password.

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