Jul 16, 2012

Three Phase Montioring Relays from Omron

Omron is a leading automation company and we all know that the omron relay are very famous in the automation industry. Omron relay are reliable and have a unmatched performance. Monitoring relays are very useful for protecting the devices from overvolts , undervolts and other faults. Omron have different relays for all the monitoring applications.

Three Phase Sequence loss relay :-
As we know that motor are the driving source and we need to protect the motor from the all faults which can come. Omron K8AB-PH1 does a nice task in protecting from the phase loss. It simultaneously monitors phase sequence and phase loss during start up as well as phase loss during operation.

Omron K8AB-PW protection relay monitors the under voltage and over voltage for a three wire / four wire power supply. We can even set the time from 0.1 to 30s and also separate outputs possible for overvoltages and undervoltages.

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