Apr 23, 2012

Upload Clone file & Support Me file from Baldor Controller

Baldor is a leader in motion and servo drives , baldor servo drives are very popular in the industry and most of the precise applications use baldor drives. We have discussed in earlier posts about the features of Baldor Drives and Mint Programming. In this post our aim is to understand the procedure for uploading the program , parameter and Support Me file from the Baldor Servo Drives and Motion Controllers.

How to Upload Clone file/Support ME from Baldor Controllers :-
First of all let us understand that what clone file actually means? As it is clear from the name itself that clone file contains the full back up of the controller i.e inside clone file is program , parameter back up and other files containing information about the Controller.

Follow the below steps to upload the clone file :-
Click on the work bench icon for open the software and it will open the below page and click on the Start new Project button. See the picture below.

It will open select control window, here you select the scan button and also click on the Launch commissioning Column and make sure it is unchecked.

Note: - Remember by default software Launch commissioning wizard will be checked

Once you finished with scanning your controllers found Column will be showing Mint drive II, select the same by double click on the Mint Drive II or press the select button below. Before selecting drive once again makes sure that the commissioning wizard column is unchecked as if it is checked it will erase all the data in the drive permanently. See Below Picture for a better understanding.

Once you are finished above step select tools menu > Clone Controller > Create clone archive. After selecting Create clone archive follow the instructions and save the file in you system as a back up for your drive. Once you are finished this click on the help menu and select support me from the drop down list as shown below.

Save the same on your system by clicking on the save button.
We hope that after reading the above article now we can easily take the backup from a baldor controller. We have already discussed about the Programming cable required for Baldor Servo Drives and also the tutorials on Baldor Mint Programming Language.
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