Feb 8, 2012

Remote Supervision in Chemical & Food Industries

Nowadays, all the major segments of the Industries are utilizing the most advanced automation technologies. Remote Monitoring and controlling of field equipment is essential, especially in chemical and food plants. In Chemical plants the main focus is on the continuous production without any interrupt and all the data collection, troubleshooting work should be done properly. Today in this post we will discuss that how the remote monitoring/data collection is essential.

Remote Supervision in Chemical & Food Industries

Better Performance with Remote Monitoring/Management

All the maintenance work not only means to troubleshoot the machine & equipment, test the machines but to also collect the huge data and processing of these data from remote locations. Wireless technology has provided some relief in these segments of industry, if we see the total cost for installation, calibration, and commission via wireless technology it is less expensive then the investment for wired devices has been so huge most of the companies struggle to deliver more value with that same investment being therefore retentive to substituting wide parts of the infrastructure.

On the other hand, there are various advantages of using the wireless devices as we get the improved performance, reduced costs for installation and ongoing maintenance, and better overall control thanks to deeper, more granular and timely collection, rapid deployment and virtual ubiquity of wireless data acquisition and transmission.

Also, the wireless devices provide the feature for connecting existing data points to the company’s ICT architecture. They can easily connect to the various data points and hence solve out the problem of frequent sampling. Mostly the industrial wireless networks use the RF transmission technology 2.4GHz which offer a very low penetration factor. In addition installation of these devices is very easy and hence the workforce dont need a special training.

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