Jan 4, 2012

How to Factory Reset the Vector Drive/Inverter

In our earlier post we have seen that how to install and commission a baldor H2 Vector drive. Today in this post we will see that how to factory reset a baldor H2 Vector drive. Sometimes while installing a Vector drive it happens that we face a problem and to resolve that problem we changes many parameters and data of drive and later on we forget that what parameters we changed. So it can create a lot of problems some times. So the best method in this type of situation is to Factory Reset the VFD do that all the data inside VFD will be same as factory default.
Factory Reset Procedure for the Baldor H2 Vector Drives :-
Power on the drive and from the main menu select the "Programming" option . Inside the programming you will find the level 2 option, select this and inside this there will be one option for the "Configure", select drive configure and inside this option you will find one option of the "Factory Default" . Select factor default and press enter and then Yes , drive will automatically start the Factory default setting and within 5-6 seconds it will complete. After this just recycle the power once and now the Drive will be factory default i.e all data inside the drive parameters will be same as factory settings.

After completing the factory setting procedure , you can again start the programming of the parameters of the drive according to your application. Also it is a good practice to always factory reset the drive whenever we commission any drive for the first time. If you have any doubts you can write to us in the comment section.

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