Sep 2, 2011

Specifying Device ID for Yaskawa Memobus Plus Device

Yaskawa Memobus Plus driver (a variant of Modbus Plus) was designed for for use with 32 bit OPC Server products. The driver can poll multiple devices (PLC's) on a Memobus Plus network and also act as a single slave device on the Memobus Plus network for other devices to poll. The device ID in any network specifies the path to a node on the network, and consists of a path type designator, either slave or master, and five consecutive routing bytes. Data Master address paths start with the prefix DM and are used to communicate with another node on the network. The host PC acts as the master in conversations of this type. A DM path can identify a PLC or any other devices that can respond to Memobus read and write commands, including another host PC running the Memobus Plus driver. The format of a DM path is DM.r1.r2.r3.r4.r5. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Addressing example for Yaskawa Memobus Plus Device


Note:If you do not define a slave device in your project, the driver will ignore any unsolicited read or write requests it receives and to access the simulated device on a host PC, the last non-zero number in the path is always one, indicating the slave path the driver uses.

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