Aug 26, 2011

Understanding Serial and Parallel Communication in PLC

Every day we deal with the serial and parallel communication, but many of us still have some doubts regarding the serial and parallel communication. Today in this post we will try to understand the basics of serial and parallel communication.The main difference in both the communication is the number of distinct wires used for communication or we can say that the number of strands at the physical layer for the simultaneous transmission of data.

Basics of Serial and Parallel Communication :-

In parallel communication the transmission of bits is simultaneously or parallely and in serial it is one by one. For example a 8 bit parallel channel transmits the 8 bits (1 byte) parallely whereas in serial communication the transmission of bit is one by one i.e only 1 bit transmitted over channel at a time. The transmission speed will depend on the CLOCK SPEED , if both the serial and parallel channel have the same clock speed then the parallel channel would be eight times faster.

A parallel communication has also more wires for handshaking and parity etc. Parallel and serial communication communication were introduced in computer technology that were used earlier but now have been replaced by new cutting edge networks.

We must think that if parallel channel can transmit many bits at a time then why serial is used more ? The reason is that in serial communication higher clock rate can be achieved, so overall communication is faster. Also parallel communication is generally used when similar data is to be transmitted again and again over the channel and receiver has to find out the correct data out of them. Parallel communications also have the problem of cross-talk which is eliminated in serial communication.

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  1. hello,
    plz we wanna to learn about DCS also

  2. hello sir,
    will you elaborate what is a recipe in SCADA? what is the use of it and how we can configure the recipe in SACDA (Intouch)

  3. hello sir,
    what is a RECIPE in the scada? and what is the use of it and how we can configure it in SCADA(Intouch).

  4. @ Rahul Recipe help us in automating the process which is repeatedly done. Simple example is of Coffee machine in which we have different Recipe of Tea, Coffee, Hot water etc. So in all these thing we have already save the receipe so that we dont have to repeat it.


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