Aug 18, 2011

Siemens S7 PLC Security Update and New Firmware

Siemens has recently launched a Security and safety guidelines for its all users across the globe. Siemens has identified security weakness in the Programming and configuration software of SIMATIC S7 family of programmable controllers. In this post we will see the notes issued by Siemens for a better secure environment.

Siemens PLC Security Guidelines :-

Siemens has identified that an attacker can reach the PLC or Network communication link and can change the product information and password and even make the unauthorized changes to the control system operation. So below are the security guidelines which every Siemens S7 users should follow in order to have a secure network. These safety guidelines are issued to minimize the third party interference.
Safety Measures for Simatic S7 Family Products :-
1. The access to control products should be in reach of only authorized person.
2.A Multi Layer security system should be designed in order to make access to PLC and Control System products.
3. Apply Security technology in order to block all outside traffic to access PROFIBUS, MPI and PROFINET protocol of Control Products. This can be achieved by blocking Ethernet access to TCP and UDP Port# 102.
Example :- SCALANCE S612 Modul order no. 6GK5612-0BA00-2AA3 or similar effective firewall, or other security appliance.
4. Change the password frequently and make sure that this password is available with authorized person only.

Siemens has already started working out to make changes in the configuration software so that these risks can be minimized and removed. Siemens is committed to making additional security enhancements to their systems in the future.

Siemens Update S7 1200 Firmare :-
Siemens recently updated the S7 1200 firmware to increase the security and robustness of S7 1200 product family. Since Now a days the Ethernet connections are used more at field level so the security is becoming a prime concern. Siemens performed some tests and found weaknesses in the S7-1200 controller. You can get the problem fixed up with the new firmware.

S7 1200 Family New Firmware
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