Jun 1, 2011

Troubleshooting CP1E PLC Errors - PLC Tips

After Installing the PLC , sometimes there may be situation that some errors occur in PLC. So we have always be ready to handle out the PLC errors. There can be many issues related with PLC Problems , PLC Problem Troubleshooting Skills are boon to Site Engineers.

Identifying PLC Errors :-

What to do when a PLC error Occur??? First of all check the Indicators on the front of CPU , every PLC has got a Error LED , just check that whether it is glowing or Not. Then Identify the Error i.e connect the PLC with the PLC Programming Software and see the Error Code. Next step after Identifying the error is to Implement countermeasures i.e take measures to resolve the error and also prevent the error to occur again.

Checking Error Code in Omron CP1E PLC :-

Connect the communication cable and get online with CX-Programmer , in the project Space you will see the error Log, open it and a window will open and the current error will be displayed on it. Note down the error code written here.

Every Error that occur in PLC is stored in the PLC error Log and we can check even later on that which type of error occurred at what time. Every PLC Error in CP1E has three things associated with it i.e Error flag , Error information and Error Code. The error Log information in PLC is stored in the Auxiliary Area. In Omron CP1E PLC a maximum of 20 error are stored, if there are more than 20 error occur than the oldest error is deleted and new error takes its position.

Auxiliary Area in Omron PLC CP1E for Error Logs :-

The Auxiliary Memory area in Omron PLC is from A100 to A199. For storing one Error 5 Auxiliary Area position are Required. For example the first error information will be stored from A100 to A104. In in A100 the Error Code will be there ,in A101 Error contents will be there , In A102 Minutes, seconds followed by Day, hour and Year, month in A103 and A104 respectively. And So on for the rest of 19 errors.

Memory Errors in CP1E PLC :-

The Memory Error which occur in Omron Cp1E are stored in Other Auxiliary Memory Location. When a Memory error Occurs One or more bits in A403 will turn ON to indicate where the error has occurred. If A403.00 is ON then it indicates that a check sum error has occurred i.e power supply cut when backing up program. If A403.04 is ON then it means error occurred in PLC Setup.

Also there are many other types of error like CPU Errors and I/O Errors in CP1E which we will be discussing soon. Till then you can subscribe to get all latest updates. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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