May 9, 2011

Weekely Timer Operation in Zen PLC Programming

Programmable Relay ZEN by omron has the function of Weekly timer , and these timers can be set accordingly for any desired operation. These timers proves beneficial in applications like street light , company alarm operation or any such application where we need to repeat a particular thing on daily time basis. There are three different type of Weekly timers available in Omron Zen Programmable Relay.

PLC Programming for Street Light Using Omron Zen :-
Now in this post we will see that how can we use weekly timers available in Omron Zen Programmable relay to make plc program for street light. Let us take example that street lights will have to be on from 6pm in evening to 5am in morning everyday. So for this purpose we will use the Normal operation of timer and define the time range for everyday.

Also if there is another street light that needs to operate only on Wednesday and Friday of every week from 9 in night to 4 in morning ,than this can also be done using another timer.
Also there is one Pulse shot timer available in Omron Zen Programmable relay which remains on for a predefined interval when its input condition goes high. Suppose there is another street light which needs to be turned on every day from 8 pm and needs to be on only for 10 minutes.This thing can be done by using pulse shot timer.

We have made the above plc logic as discussed above , you can download it from below. Both the Zen and PDF file are included.

Street Light PLC Program.

We hope that this automated process of street light operation using plc logic helped you to understand weekly timers in omron ZEN plc. Also you can subscribe to get all latest updates via email.Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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