May 5, 2011

Ultra High Speed Timer In Omron PLC Programming

In the last article we discussed about the high Speed timer functioning. Today we will see another type of timer available in Omron PLC. Ultra High Speed Timer having time base of 1 milli second is available in Omron PLC for achieving better accuracy in real time applications.

TMHH 1 ms Ultra High Speed Timer Omron PLC Programming :-
TMHH is the timer with a timer base of 1 Milli seconds available in Omron PLC with which we can achieve reolution of .01 seconds and achieve higher accuracy in the opearation. The functioning of this timer is also same as all other timers in omron PLC. TMHH timer is of BCD type i.e we have to put "#" before the preset value.
See the syntax below.
Where A is timer Number and B is preset value.

TMHHX Ultra High Speed Timer Binary Type :-
This type of timer is same as TMHH except that the Preset Value is in BIN type that is we have to put "&" before the preset value.
Example :- TMHHX 01 &2000
So when the input condition goes high than this timer becomes high after 2 seconds.

Important Notes :-
1. The timer must be between 0000 and 0015
2.The status of the timer's PV and Completion Flag will be maintained after the timer times out. To restart the timer, the timer input must be turned OFF and then ON .
3.The setting range for the set value (SV) is 0 to 9.999 s for TMHH(540) and 0 to 65.535 for TMHHX.

Timer numbers are shared with other timer instructions. If two timers share the same timer number, but are not used simultaneously, a duplication error will be generated when the program is checked, but the timers will operate normally. Timers which share the same timer number will not operate prop­erly if they are used simultaneously.

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