May 29, 2011

Delta DOP B HMI Firmware Update Through USB

Well many a times it happens that we have got a HMI program which is made in a higher version and we have the Lower version firmware with us, so it's become difficult to Download the program in HMI. Also many a times we need to Update the firmware in HMI just to match the firmware of the HMI program which we have got. There are many situations where updating firmware is the only solution to the problem.

How to Update DOP-B Series HMI Firmware

Well there are two methods to update firmware in HMI. The simplest one is through the PC i.e just open the Screen Editor Software , click on file and you will find an option for Update of firmware. Well but there can be situation when there is no PC/laptop at site and you need to update firmware. So in this situation we can update the HMI Firmware version by USB Disk.

Updating DOP B HMI Firmware Through USB

Follow the below step by step procedure for updating firmware:-

First of all go to system menu then select system setting and then go to file manager. Here you will see three option, select the middle one "Copy file". And after this press the Right Button up till 4/5 option comes, When this 4/5 comes then you will see Firmware Update option at the right hand side, just select this and after this select USB and Update the firmware.

So its just simple to update firmware like this when you don't have a PC at site. Hope it helped you to clear all your doubts regarding firmware updating in Delta DOP B HMI.

Delta HMI Windows 7 and Vista Driver.

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  1. Good day, where can i find Delta HMI DOP-B series firmware to update via usb? Please contact me at

  2. But where can I download the latest firmware? Been looking for days but cant find it even in the Delta website


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