May 17, 2011

Communicate Delta HMI In Windows 7 32&64 Bit and Vista

Delta HMI AE ,A and AS series are very popular in the market due to their good prices and efficient performance. Screen Editor is the software which is used to program these HMI. But all those who uses windows 7 OS face the problem that the communication doesn't take place. Here in this post we will see that how can we communicate our Delta A,AE,AS series HMI in Windows 7.

How to Communicate Delta Screen Editor in Windows 7/Vista :-

As now a days all new laptops which we buy are pre-installed with windows 7 , so it is necessary that all the software which we use should communicate in Windows 7 platform. But we found that a majority of the Software fail to do so. However the Delta HMI software can be communicated in Windows 7 both 32 bit and 64 bit and also Windows Vista OS.
Omron NP HMI Communicate in Windows 7.

First of all we should have the latest version of Screen Editor Software. You can download it for free from Delta Automation Website. Get the Screen Editor Software 1.05.86 first and install it on your laptop. However it is written on Delta website that this software communicates in windows 7 but you to make a setting first.

Setting in Delta HMI to communicate in Windows 7 :-
After Downloading the software , press the "SYS" button on the HMI for about 5-7 seconds , you will see that the settings Menu will open then select the Communication Setting . Here a page will be displayed for Communication Setting , at the bottom of the page there will be "USB communication Mode" and default value will be 0. Change this value to 1 and save it.
After this re-plug the USB Cable , you will see that after re-plugging of USB Cable the Driver will get Installed Automatically .
After the USB Driver for Windows 7 get installed , re-power the HMI and now you can upload and download the Program in HMI easily.

We hope that after doing the above things you will now easily be able to communicate with Delta HMI in Windows 7. If still you face any problem then you can write in comment section.
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