May 21, 2011

Baldor Mint Motion Language Programming Tutorial - Part 6

Mint MT is a very powerful programming software used for programming of Baldor Motion Products. Up till now we have understood the Subroutines,arrays,functions and basic Program Structure. Today in this post we will see the Mint Special Keywords used in Mint language used for the Special motion applications.
Mint Motion Specific Keywords :-
There are specific Keywords available for custom Motion Application in MINT MT Language.MINT includes motion specific keywords such as SPEED,ACCEL,MOVER,MOVEA,JOG,HOME.Most MINT keywords can be abbreviated (useful when entering commands via command line) SPEED/SP,ACCEL/AC,MOVER/MR,MOVEA/MA,JOG/JG,HOME/HM.Mint keywords can refer to an individual axis or to all axes on the controller.
To reference a single axis use:
SPEED[1]= 10
SP.1 = 10

For multiple axes use:
SPEED[0,1] = 10,20
SPEED[0,1] = 10;

Enabling the Servo Drive in Mint :-
Motion Controllers and Intelligent Drives both use the DRIVEENABLE keyword. Motion controllers use a DRIVEENABLEOUTPUT to enable remote drives. Mintdrive II enables the internal drive digitally and sets the DRIVEENABLEOUTPUT if defined.The RESET[axes] keyword clears all errors, zeroes the position(s) and enables the drive(s). Alternatively the CANCEL[axes] keyword can be used to clear errors (the position is maintained) and the DRIVENABLE[axes] keyword can then be issued to enable the drive(s).

Scale Factor in Mint MT Language :-
The SCALEFACTOR keyword allows each axis to be scaled into engineering (user) units Controllers operate in terms of (quadrature) encoder counts - motion related parameter values are multiplied by SCALEFACTOR to translate back to counts.
If the encoder simulation produces 4096 counts per rev...
SPEED=4096 ‘ 1 rev/second
SCALEFACTOR=4096 ‘ scale to revs/sec
SPEED=1 ‘ still 1 rev/sec
SPEED=2 ‘ 2 revs/sec

NOTE :- Advisable to work in counts with high precision applications (SCALEFACTOR=1).

Constant Velocity Motion:-
Constant velocity motion is performed with the JOG keyword.
Example :- JOG.0 = 20 ‘ JOG at 20 user units/sec.
The motor accelerates at the rate set by the ACCEL keyword to the velocity specified. The motor decelerates to zero velocity at the rate set by the DECEL keyword. Motion continues until stopped (STOP or ST) by the user. JOG is capable of blending (smooth transition from one speed to another).

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