Feb 5, 2011

NV HMI RS232/RS422 Interface With Mitsubishi MELSEC-FX2N/FX3U/FX3UC Series PLC

NV HMI by Omron is capable of communicating with wide range of PLC's. We already told its communication with Mitsubishi MELSEC-FX1N Series. In this post we will see the step by step procedure of NV HMI communication with MELSEC-FX2N/FX3U/FX3UC Series through RS232 and RS422.

||NV HMI RS232/RS422 Connection With MELSEC-FX2N/FX3U/FX3UC Series PLC||

NV HMI can be connected with FX2N/FX3U/FX3UC Series PLC with RS232 or RS422 , first of all we will see the connections required to communicate via RS422. To communicate via RS422 the connections have to be made at the tool port on PLC . See the below connection diagram for Rs422 Connection between Mitsubishi and NV HMI.

Mitsubishi PLC tool port-------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN 1 (-RD)-----------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (-SD)
PIN 2 (+RD)-----------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (+SD)
PIN 4 (-SD)-----------------------------------------------------------Terminal 7 (-RD)
PIN 7 (-SD)-----------------------------------------------------------Terminal 6 (+RD)
Note:- Also short the Terminal 7 and 8 at the NV HMI Side.

Also the NV HMI can be connected via RS232 using the PLC adapter , if you wish to communicate via RS232 then make the connection as depicted below.

Mitsubishi PLC Adapter-----------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN 2 (RD)---------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4(SD)
PIN 3 (SD)---------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5(RD)
PIN 5 (SG)---------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8(SG)
Note:- Short the PIN 1 and 4 at the PLC adapter side.

Important:- The NV3W model for RS-442A cannot communicate with an FX-series PLC through an RS-422A or RS-485 Adapter.

After making the hardware connections as shown above we just have to make some communication parameter settings in the NV HMI software and PLC Programming Software.
Open the NV designer and start a new Project and in the PLC type select as "Mitsubishi MELSEC-FX2N Series" and after creating project click on the PT --- NV Configuration and make Baud Rate 9600 . Data Bit 7 , Stop Bit 1 and Parity as even.

At the PLC side make D8120=0 for proper communication to take place.
After this you can design the HMI screens as per the application and access the PLC bit devices and word Devices. Let us see the Bit devices accessible through the NV designer HMI software.

Bit Devices :-

Input relays ----------->>>X 0000 to X 0337
Output relays ----------->>>Y 0000 to Y 0337
Auxiliary relays ----------->>>M 0000 to M 3071
State relays ----------->>>S 0000 to S 0999
Timer contacts ----------->>>TS 0000 to TS 0255
Counter contacts ----------->>>CS 0000 to CS 0255

Word Devices:-

Input relays ----------->>>X 0000 to X 0320
Output relays ----------->>>Y 0000 to Y 0320
Auxiliary relays ----------->>>M 0000 to M 3056
State relays ----------->>>S 0000 to S 0976
Timer current values ----------->>>TN 0000 to TN 0255
16-bit counter current values ----------->>>CN 0000 to CN 0199
32-bit counter current values ----------->>>CN 0200 to CN 0255
Data registers ----------->>>D 0000 to D 7999

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