Jan 28, 2011

Types of Trends in SCADA System

Trends are something where you can view the industrial process data in real time and can save that data and view it in future. Trends plays a very important role in our Automation Industry. A Operator can see the trend and can tell about the whole production of the company. Trends are generally of 2 types viz. Real Time Trend and Historical Trend which we will discuss in this tutorial. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Types of Trends in SCADA System

1.Real Time Trends

Real-time trends are dynamic i nature. They are updated continuously during run time and you can see the real time data of your Tags which you have configured. Real time trend help us in seeing actual data that is of the process. Like you have make a tag of Water Level in a Sewage Treatment plant and you want to see the the present value of Water level with respect to the time. Then you will use Real Time Trend which can be configured in seconds, Mili-seconds, minutes and hours.

2.Historical Trends

Historical trends as the name indicates are used to view past values of the Tag and you can configure them to see any past date Data. They can be configured in Days, Months, Years etc. You can view your tag value any time.

We will be soon posting how to Configure real and historical trends in different SCADA software so keep reading and Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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