Mar 1, 2015

PLC Programming for Dancing Light - PLC Programming

Many users mailed us for making the PLC program for the dancing light, so here we will see the PLC Logic for making a fancy light decoration system. 

This PLC program can be used for lighting systems in-house or for any festive celebration time. We will see here in detail the logic of PLC programming and the steps involved in making the PLC Program.

PLC Programming for Dancing Light - PLC Programming

Here in this PLC Program, we are considering six numbers of LEDs, 1 start push button, 1 stop push button, and 1 selector switch. We will write the PLC program for 2 different modes i.e the LEDs will glow in two different patterns.

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Mode 1 Pattern of LED Glowing:- While writing this PLC logic we have made the PLC program in such a way that when we will push the Start button then LED 1 will glow after 1 second LED 2 will glow and again after 1 second LED 3 will glow and so ON and after 6th LED the cycle will start again. The number of LED's can be more as per the need and application.

See the Below table for a better understanding.

Time -----------LED1 ------------LED2---------LED3---------LED4--------LED5------------LED6
T=0sec ---------OFF--------------OFF----------OFF----------OFF----------OFF-------------OFF
T=1sec ---------ON --------------OFF----------OFF----------OFF---------OFF-------------OFF
T=2sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------OFF-----------OFF---------OFF-------------OFF
T=3sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------OFF---------OFF-------------OFF
T=4sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------ON----------OFF-------------OFF
T=5sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------ON----------ON--------------OFF
T=5sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------ON----------ON--------------ON

and then again the cycle resets after every 6 seconds.

Mode 2 Pattern of LED Glowing :-

In the second mode , which will be on when we will select it by selector switch the LED 1 and LED6 will glow first for 1 second then LED 2 and LED 5 will glow and then LED 3 and LED 4 .

See below table for a clear understanding.

Time -----------LED1 ------------LED2---------LED3---------LED4--------LED5------------LED6
T=0sec ---------OFF--------------OFF----------OFF----------OFF----------OFF-------------OFF
T=1sec ---------ON --------------OFF----------OFF----------OFF----------OFF--------------ON
T=2sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------OFF----------OFF----------ON---------------ON
T=3sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------ON----------ON---------------ON

And then after 3 seconds the cycle resets.

PLC Logic Development for Dancing Light


0.0 --- Start Push Button -- (NO)
0.1 --- Stop Push Button --- (NC)
0.2 --- Selector Switch --- (1 pole)


100.0 ------------- LED 1
100.1 ------------- LED 2
100.2 ------------- LED 3
100.3 ------------- LED 4
100.4 ------------- LED 5
100.5 ------------- LED 6

We have considered only 6 LED here only, however, the PLC Programming can be extended for any number of LED you want, and also the glowing pattern can be changed as you like. 

If you have some any other pattern in mind and want to make PLC Logic according to that then tell us, and we will make it for you.

You can download the PLC Program below. We have attached both .pdf and cx-programmer files.

Download PLC Program for Dancing Light.

If you have any queries in PLC Programming, then write in the comment section, or want any PLC program related to Dancing Light then tell us we will make it for you.

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