Jan 19, 2011

PLC and HMI in Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation means the use of effective control system for the better production and good quality products , without the need of human work with the help of Automatic systems. PLC and HMI are the two main important components in Industrial Automation. An automatic system generally comprises of PLC for controlling function and HMI for user interface for small applications.

PLC and HMI in Industrial Automation :-

Generally in industries where there is no Main SCADA Control Room for the controlling and monitoring the process in Plant , PLC and HMI combination for control of individual machines is employed. If there is a machine and we have about 30-40 I/O's and user just need to enter some basic parameters then a control system consisting of PLC and HMI proves cost effective.

Automation first of all was implemented in Manufacturing Industries and that to automotive industries BUT now a days automation of any process/machines is a vital part for every industry.
HMI (Human Machine Interface) earlier known as MMI (Man Machine Interface) are usually used to communicate to PLC or other Control device via a Cable.
With the use of PLC and HMI combination many control applications are simplified in a effective way. If we see small-scale industries where cost is key concern , so the control system comprising of PLC and HMI proves very beneficial there.

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  1. could u please tell me how to connect the delta temperature to computer

  2. please be precise ... not able to understand yours problem

  3. How do I display generator voltage in HMI

  4. PLC and HMI is the future of industrial Automation. This article looks incomplete.


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