Jan 26, 2011

Intouch SCADA Keyboard Shortcuts

Wonderware Intouch is very popular SCADA system and widely used in industry. It has lot of features and function. We have already told you how about different scripts used in Intouch SCADA and told you the some basic tutorial on Intouch SCADA.
In this article we will told you some you Keyboard shortcut of Intouch SCADA which will help you to quickly create a new page, new project, go to window property easily, go to tag directory, enlarge, make cell, brake cell etc. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email. This eliminates the need for extra mouse movements for some common actions.

Intouch SCADA Keyboard Shortcuts

F2 -----Select All
Ctrl + A -----Animation Links
Ctrl + E -----Substitute Tags
Ctrl + L -----Substitute Strings
Ctrl + T -----Tagname Dictionary
Ctrl + W -----Window Properties
Ctrl + N -----New Window
Ctrl + O -----Open Window
Ctrl + S -----Save Window
Ctrl + Plus --Enlarge Font
Ctrl + Minus -Reduce Font
Ctrl + Z -----Undo
Ctrl + Y -----Redo
Ctrl + D -----Duplicate
Ctrl + X -----Cut
Ctrl + C -----Copy
Ctrl + V -----Paste
Del ----------Erase
Shift + Plus -Enlarge Radius (Rounded Rectangle)
Shift + Minus-Reduce Radius (Rounded Rectangle)
Ctrl + R ----Reshape Object (Polygon)
F9 ----------Send to Back
Shift + F9 --Bring to Front
Ctrl + H ----Space Horizontal
F6 ----------Rotate CW
Shift + F6 --Rotate CCW
F7 ----------Flip Horizontal
Shift + F7 --Flip Vertical
F5 ----------Make Symbol
Shift + F5 --Break Symbol
F3 ----------Make Cell
Shift + F3 --Break Cell

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