Dec 23, 2010

Starting Procedure and Speed of a Synchronous Motor

This article will tell you how to start a Synchronous Motor in a industry and will give you the complete procedure how to start a synchronous motor. First of all we should know what is a Synchronous Motor. As stated by wikipedia a synchronous electric motor is an AC motor distinguished by a rotor spinning with coils passing magnets at the same rate as the alternating current and resulting rotating magnetic field which drives it. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email .

Step by Step Starting Procedure of a Synchronous Motor

1.First main field winding i.e rotor winding is short circuited.
2.Now Reduce Voltage, with the help of Auto Transformer is applied across the stator terminals. At this position Motor starts up.
3. When it reaches a steady speed a weak D.C excitation is applied by removing the short circuit on the main field winding.
4.If excitation is sufficient than the machine will be pulled into Synchronization.
5. Now Full supply Voltage is Applied across stator terminal by cutting out the Auto Transformer.

Speed of a Synchronous Motor

Speed of Synchronous motor is given by product of 120 and frequency divided by No. of Poles in a Motor.


Where Ns= Synchronous Speed
F= Frequency
P= No/. Of Poles.
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