Dec 19, 2010

Omron RX Drive User Brochure/ Manual/ Catalog/ Datasheet

Omron RX drive is the more powerful series in Omron range of VFD after MX Drive with lots of features. It is a Advanced AC Drives for Excellent Speed and Torque Regulation. The starting Rating of Drive is from 0.2 KW and available up to 7.5 KW. This drive comes in three different variations as 3 phase 200VAC model and 3 phase 400VAC model. It also have 1/3 phase 200VAC output Model. It has a High starting torque i.e 200% at 0.5 Hz allows start of high inertia loads.Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email/

It gives an Open-and Closed-Loop Vector Control for high performance applications requiring excellent speed and torque regulation such as extruders, winders, and packaging machines.

RX Drive comes in Various models. Some Models are as below.

3G3RXA2002 -- A2002 depicts that it has 200VAC 3 phase output and rating is .2kw.
3G3RXAE2002 -- AE2002 depicts that it has 200VAC 1 phase output and rating is .2kw
3G3RXA4002 --- A4002 depicts that it has 400VAC 3 phase output and rating is .2kw

You Can download the Manual, Data-sheet and Catalogs of RX drive from below source.

3G3RX AC Drives User's Manual

3G3RX AC Drives Brochure

RX Drive DataSheet

Source: Omron

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