Mar 4, 2018

Conzerv Energy Meter EM6436 Modbus Communication and Connection Diagram

Conzerv has a range of EM series Energy meter and there are various different models available for your different need and according to the application. Conzerv Energy meter comes with and without Modbus communication feature, so be sure when selecting Energy Meter according to the application. If you want to communicate it with PLC then make sure that it is MODBUS Enabled.

The EM series Power meters offer complete load management facilities in a compact package. If you like to see more such posts, please subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

How to check whether Conzerv Energy meter is MODBUS enabled?

1) First of all, check that terminals 7 and 14 of meter does not have black dot mark, if there is a black dot market on it then it is not MODBUS enabled.

2) Secondly, check that on the front left bottom side RS485 is written and the color of the dot before this, if the color of the dot is white then it is MODBUS enabled and if it is black then it is not MODBUS enabled.

All Conzerv Energy and power meter come with different function keys in the front side for easy set up of the parameters and also some models have TURBO key through which you can directly go to set up mode.

Connection Diagram of Conzerv EM series Energy Meter

NOTE:- Click on the picture for a clear view.

In the above picture, you can see the connection of energy meter. Connect your meter accordingly. The meter has 3 line display and display the parameters sequentially one by one i.e their name and value one by one.

Now the main question is how to communicate Conzerv Energy Meter in MODBUS?

So here is the answer, first of all, make proper hardware connection of MODBUS accordingly that is connect positive of PLC RS485 port with terminal 7 and negative of PLC RS485 port with terminal 14 of Conzerv Energy meter.

Now you have to make PLC program accordingly, generally, in MODBUS we read the parameters like a line to line voltage, frequency, current, power factor etc. Each parameter has its unique address in the energy meter and it has to be read through the query in MODBUS.

Make sure to set the node id, baud rate, parity in yours Conzerv energy meter properly using the setup mode.
You can download the address map of Conzerv Energy meter EM series from here .

Click here to download.

Now the question is How to read data from Conzerv Energy meter in MODBUS using OMRON PLC.

You can review the Omron PLC MODBUS communication from here.

So here is the Data format to read:- 01 03 04 (address - 1) 02

Make sure to subtract 40001 from the address.

Response from energy meter:- 01 03 00 05 0486 9042 4800

Here the value of the parameter in response is 4248, remember that the response of Conzerv Energy meter is always in float, so make sure to convert it accordingly. For example in the above response, the value returned by EM is 4248 in float which is equal to 49.98 in decimal and it is the value of frequency.

So accordingly you can read others parameter too by using the above query format. Hope you like this article and if you do, do not forget to subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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