Nov 28, 2010

How to do DG Synchronization

This is a Presentation to tell Automation Engineer How to do DG Synchronization. For DG Synchronization you should keep in mind some points like what is load type,how many DG are there for which you have to do synchronization, Transformers used in DG synchronization etc.This article tells What is DG Synchronization .Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.. The Presentation also have Single line Diagram of DG Synchronization.

Working of DG Synchronization

If you have done DG Synchronization then its working as follows.When mains are coming or are healthy, both the DG’s remain in the standby mode. When mains fail, Line Voltage Monitor (L.V.M.) senses. Starting pulses are given to the Master D.G. Set. (Master D.G.Set is automatically selected by programmer.) After satisfactory starting of the D.G.Set 1, voltage is sensed by Generator Voltage Monitor (G.V.M.). If voltage is healthy, then closing signal is given to D.G.1 breaker and it is closed.


DG Synchronisation

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