Jul 13, 2010

How to Write Comments in Program of Omron PLC

How To Write Comments In Program Of Omron PLC
When we do programming of PLC then generally we want that if we want our program to be understood by others easily and make it user friendly. So for this we put comments in rung to explain the function/operation of that that particular rung. Also we write symbol comments to know exactly about a particular input and output used in our program.

First, write the address of input and the press enter as shown below.

After this write the comment so as to understand what the input is exactly . For example if it is a photo-sensor for sensing paper at feeder then write “photo sensor at feeder” so that if u look back your program even after 1 year then u can easily understand what input is connected at what number, as shown below.

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So through this method you can easily make yours program commented and make it user friendly and convenient to understand.


It’s a general practice to define a particular section of program, so as to understand its operation. It is achieved by writing comment in RUNG of program. To write in RUNG just double-click on the left side of rung and write whatever you want so as to define the function of rung and then press enter. For example if you are making start-stop logic for a motor at conveyor3 then just write as shown below.

We hope you like this tutorial, even if you have any doubts feel free to ask us,we will be happy to reply.

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