Jan 31, 2010

Making a Simple or Start up Program for a PLC (Allen Bradley)

As from our other tutorials you now know the Basics of PLC's and also the some of the Basic instructions and there Mnemonics so now let us begin to make a simple and easiest program in PLC.
For making a Program in PLC you would be Needing a Software so what i recommend is Logix Pro from Learning Pit which is a user friendly software and it can be downloaded from learning pit website. The addressing which i will be using is for Allen Bradley PLC's and Logix pro support only Allen Bradley.

So just install your logix pro software and select Simulation and select I/O simulator which will be the Second Option.

Now you can see your Input and output in the left side. You can make you Input to the desired button like toggle,Normally Connected (NC),Normally open (NO) just by right clicking on it.

Now let us start by taking a NO button and one Output to male a one rung program.
I have taken XIC or NO and a output, The i did its addressing as in AB (Allen Bradley format) and just downloaded the program and then click on Run mode to run it.

Then on the left hand side i press the input which energizes the output and output glows. See the Video Below.

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