Dec 27, 2017

Importance of Emergency Button in Control Panel

Designing any electrical machine or its control panel involves proper planning, designing and commissioning. All these steps are very important for effective working of the machine and operation through it. Machine Planning is very important in the designing of the machine as it decides the future of production through it. In the planning process of Electrical machine control panel, it involves many important aspects to be followed. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Emergency in PLC programming

Emergency or Stop button plays a very important role in every control panel and every engineer should include Emergency button in there panel which should be in reach of the machine operator. While making a PLC program, emergency input should be used correctly so that it stops the whole machine at the time of need.

PLC Programming of Emergency Button

Programming an emergency button is very easy as you just need to add a normally closed contact in series with your PLC program. This you can do by adding the emergency contact on every rung of our ladder program at the start or can just actuate a memory bit with that and can use that memory bit everywhere you want to stop the program.

There is a big difference between emergency and a stop button though they look alike. So don’t do the mistake of not using an Emergency button in your panel.

Using Emergency button in Relay logic

If you are using only relay logic for your control panel, then also you can include an emergency button in the panel just add emergency button (NC contact) in series at the start of your electrical circuit.

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