Jun 2, 2011

Making Program in Delta C200 Inverter VFD

C2000 is a new multi purpose Inverter by Delta Electronics. This Inverter has the internal PLC for storing the Program and its logic can be made by same PLC Software. Also C2000 has got the Graphic display ,so its a perfect choice for applications that needs plc + Inverter + Graphic display i.e all in one.

Delta C200 Inverter Features and Application :-

Delta C2000 Inverter has built in PLC function and the program memory is 10k steps. So C2000 is a boon for all stand-alone device applications. C2000 also supports CANOpen master communication.C2000 is available from 0.75~90kW for 230V series and 0.75~355kW for 460 series.

Sample Speed Control Program Application of C2000 :-
The programming of C2000 can be done by WPLSoft software , we will here see the simple multi speed application of C2000 and its programming. We will design a logic for 5 multi speed for C2000 and the speed will change periodically depending upon the time defined in the timer.
To make this logic just open the WPLSoft software and make a new project and select the PLC Model as VFD-C. M1040 is for Power on and M1025 is for RUN issuing command, so we have to set these two bits before giving the Frequency.

In this Program we are taking three multi speed and the each speed will change after the time defined in respective D Word. And after the third speed the first speed will resume and the process will go on.

Sample Multi Speed C2000 Program

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