Jan 29, 2011

Network Types In Allen Bradley PLC

There are different types of Network in PLC used for connecting the external devices and connecting with other PLC to form a Network. Here in this post we will see the brief overview of common types of Network in Allen Bradley PLC. Networking in PLC is used in high end applications and we should be aware of different types of Networks.

Network Types In Allen Bradley PLC | Networking in Allen Bradley PLC :-

[1] RS232 Based DF1 Network :- RS232 port is present in almost all controller manufactured by Allen Bradley for programming Purpose. We can use RS232 Port for communication with SCADA and HMI

a) Driver Used - AB_DF1
b) Maximum Number of Node - 2
c) Maximum Speed/Baud Rate - 19.2Kbps
d) Maximum Cable Length - 15 Meters.

[2] RS-485 based DH485 Network :- DH485 is an Industrial LAN used for factory floor applications . The advantage of this network is that we can program all the controllers in the network using a single work station.
Note :- RS232 link along with RS485 make a DH-485 network.
DH485 is a very slow network , it should be used for non-critical processes as it gives much delay in communication. To Configure the DH485 Network we need AIC+ i.e Advance Interface Converter.

AIC :- Advanced Interface Converter has 1 D type RS232 Port and 1 round type RS232 Port and one 1 RS485 port. RS 485 port is used to link one AIC with another to form the network , while the RS232 port is used to connect the external devices.

a) Driver Used - 1747 PIC/AIC +
b) Maximum Number of Node - 32
c) Maximum Speed - 19.2Kbps
d) Maximum Length - 1200 Meters.

[3]Ethernet Network :- In this type of Network the data is transferred in the form of Packets. It is the most widely used LAN topology. It was originally developed by XEROX corporation of USA , and based upon CSMA/CD.

What does CSMA/CD means ? CSMA/CD stands for Carrier Sense Multiple Access and Collision Detection. Every PLC in this network has its own unique IP address.
PLC IP address consist of Net ID and Host ID. The IP Address configuration is of class C i.e there are there 3 Net ID and 1 Host ID.

Driver Used :- Ethernet/Ip
Baud Rate :- 10-100Mbps.

[4] Device Net Network in Allen Bradley PLC :- It is simple Open Networking solution, here open networking means that we can have other make PLC also in the Network. It reduces cost and time required to wire and install Industrial Automation devices which provide interchangeability of like components from Multiple Vendors. The base of this network is CAN i.e Control Area Network Technology. It is an effective way of exercising intelligence present in the filed instruments as it avoids hard wiring of each I/O in to the Controller(PLC) individually.

a) Maximum Node in Device Net Network :- 64
b) Maximum Baud Rate :- 500Kbps
c) maximum Length :- 487 Meters.

[5] Control Net Network in Allen Bradley PLC :- It is a Real time control network which provide high speed transport for messaging data , interlocking data and communication data including upload and download of program using physical media link.

Rockwell Automation Offers a complete range of Control Net supported products including Controllers (PLC) , HMI , Motion Control , Motor Control Devices , I/O's , Media and Software Drivers.

a) Maximum Node in Control Net Network:- 99
b) Maximum Baud Rate :- 5Mbps
c) Maximum Length :- 30Km.

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