Jan 1, 2011

AT Command Used to Send SMS Through GSM MODEM

AT Commands Stands for Attention Commands which are very important in configuring your GSM/CDMA Modem for sending SMS through PLC or SCADA directly. In this article we will only discuss about AT commands which are used to Send SMS though GSM modem in SCADA. To send SMS through SCADA please first Configure your GSM MODEM according to your need. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email. Now for Sending SMS through SCADA there are only two very important AT Commands which you will need. The first one is AT+CMGF and Second is AT+CMGS which you will require to send SMS through your SCADA. These AT commands will be used in your SCADA Script.The Description for both the AT command is given below.

AT Command Used to Send SMS through GSM MODEM

1.The first AT command Used in Sending SMS through your SCADA via GSM modem is AT+CMGF. This command is used to specify input and output format of message to use. In simple terms it is used to select SMS message format.

Will make SMS format to Text.

2.The second AT command Used in Sending SMS through your SCADA via GSM modem is AT+CMGS. This Command is used in send SMS to a Mobile Number.

AT+CMGS=Phone Number
This Will send SMS to the phone number provides .

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