Nov 22, 2010

History of AC Motors

History of AC motors begin in year 1882 when first of all Nikola Tesla identified the rotating magnetic field principal used in alternators and thus used the rotating and inducting electromagnetic field force to generate torque in rotating applications and machines . He used this principal in the design of poly-phase induction motor in year 1883.
Later on in the year 1885 Galileo Ferraris applied his great mind and roll back the concept and in turn in year 188 he published his research paper to the Royal Academy of Sciences in Turin.
And then started the what called Second Industrial Revolution in year 1888 when Tesla’s launched his motor and it made possible the efficient generation and long distance distribution of electrical energy by the use of alternating current transmission system. Before this all concept were based on non efficient homopolar motor.
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Tesla’s teacher professor Poeschel was not able to understand all of tesla’s ideas and intially suggested that it would be akin to build a perpetual motion machine on tesla’s suggestion of removing commmutators from a machine and operating the device on a rotary field of electromagnetic force . But Tesla was his own way and he did his work and later on Professor Poeschel realized that the induced rotating & pulsating electromagnetic field would force to rotate the rotor of the motor spinning and counter electromotive force generated will gradually bring the machine to stop . Later Tesla obtained the US patent 0,416,194 electric motor (December, 1889) . This classic alternating current motor was induction motor. Later Michail Osipovich Dolivo - Dobrovolsky invented three-phase “cage-rotor” in year 1890 and this type of motor is now used for the majority of commercial applications.

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