Dec 23, 2009

Applying Percentage fill Property in Intouch

If you want to show a beaker or any other container to be filled or empty then you can use Percentage fill property.
Follow the below steps to apply this property

1.Take a slider and make a tag for slider .
2.Now take a beaker/container/bottle or any thing you want to show filling from Wizard or create yourself,I have taken a bottle from Wizard symbol factory.

3.Change the color accordingly.
4.Now Double click on bottle and open the property box. Now click on Percentage fill
and choose option if you want to fill vertically or horizontally.

5. Now go to Runtime and move your slider.

See the video

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  1. You can also put the limit to how much you want to fill the bottle.

  2. Show the some more features........

  3. ya surely what feature you want to see.

  4. I want to see move the bottle diagonally & fill the colour.....can u do that? then plzzzzz

  5. I wait for ur reply.............see u tomorrow

  6. Everything is possible in Automation dear!!! All u need is open up doors of urs mind!!!!!!!


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